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Patterns and Shapes of Social Change in Europe: Accounts of social change shared by members of COST Action CA18236 working group 1

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posted on 2023-11-03, 09:42 authored by Helen SimmonsHelen Simmons, Nick SpencerNick Spencer

Social change is complex, contextual, and varied. It’s drivers and outcomes are shaped by the histories and ambitions of societies and peoples in a place. COST Action (CA18326) members have produced a collection of accounts of social change to highlight some of the dynamics of social change.

From 23 countries, these accounts present interesting examples of social change that demonstrate the complexities and challenges of making social change happen or trying to make social change happen!

Accounts are either triple or quadruple helix in their arrangement and highlight a number of the following characteristics:

- An urgent social need
- A contested social situation
- A novel approach to responding to the social situation
- Application of design (or creative) approaches
- A novel response as an outcome of multidisciplinary collaboration
- Significant in their impact on the social situation.


COST CA18236 - Multi-disciplinary innovation for social change (SHIINE)


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