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Global scoping of wildlife legislation: Database of offences and penalties

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posted on 2024-04-03, 12:07 authored by Alison Hutchinson

This dataset details the global extent and variance of legislative responses to wildlife crimes. The dataset compiles wildlife, forestry, fishery, and environmental legislation (and in some cases Penal and Criminal Codes) and documents wildlife related offences and their corresponding penalties. Source legislation is hyperlinked in the text and offences are grouped into three categories; 1. wild animals, 2 wild animals (marine), and 3. wild plants. Details of the offence outlined in legislation are given, these are also consolidated to allow for greater comparison in the Wildlife Crime Penalties dashboard. Details on penalties are grouped by; 1. Fines, 2. Other financial penalties, 3. Imprisonment, 4. Restorative penalties, and 5. Additional penalties.

This data was compiled as part of a study investigating the potential for Restorative Justice as a mechanism to address wildlife crimes. The findings of this legislative review have been published in the Global Journal of Animal Law and are also available online through the Wildlife Crime Penalties dashboard. Our hope is that the availability of this information will help to inform more effective management and intervention measures, including the wider adoption of restorative justice approaches to wildlife crime. We intend for this database and dashboard to be a living document and encourage the global community to contribute to updating the database.


This research was funded in 2022 by Northumbria University's Seed Funding Scheme.


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