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Categories for isolated and compound substorms 2010-2017.csv (88.28 MB)

Unique categories of geomagnetic activity 2010–2017

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posted on 2023-10-26, 15:02 authored by John CoxonJohn Coxon, Colin ForsythColin Forsyth, Maria-Theresia Walach

This is the dataset generated as described in Coxon et al. (2023): "Extreme Birkeland currents are more likely during geomagnetic storms on the dayside of the Earth".

Please cite the following papers when using this data:

  • Forsyth et al. (2015):
  • Walach & Grocott (2019):
  • Coxon et al. (2023):

This dataset is a list of timestamps at 1-minute cadence from 00:00 UT on 2010-01-01 to 23:59 UT on 2017-12-31. Each timestamp is assigned an integer category where the integer is defined as follows:

  • 0. The timestamp is during quiet times
  • 1. The timestamp is during storm times
  • 2. The timestamp is during a quiet-time substorm
  • 3. The timestamp is during a storm-time substorm


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