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New Parchments FTIR: measured prior to deterioration

posted on 2023-08-01, 14:21 authored by Charis TheodorakopoulosCharis Theodorakopoulos

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Parchments with codes SC69, SC70, SC81 and SC82 were generated from calf animal skin and produced in Z.H. De Groot, The Netherlands in 2002. These parchement were cut in pieces for various experiments. The ATR/FTIR spectra of the control samples of these parchments that have not been exposed to accelerated ageing via light, heat or humidity and have not been exposed to gas pollutants are presented here.

The FTIR spectra of these control parchments were measured in 2004 both on flesh and grain sides. Flesh side often included increased calcite peaks which interfered with amide II. Therefore grain side was considered reliable for damage assessment.

All data are shown as image files of the whole wavelength range and in the fingerprint region ("f" symbol next to sample code).

This dataset is part of:

Theodorakopoulos, Charis (2023). Infrared spectra database - Depository of FTIR spectra of IDAP parchments. Northumbria University. Collection.


Improved damage assessments of parchments

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