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OPK (Opto-Phono-Kinesia)

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posted on 2019-10-15, 08:26 authored by Steve GibsonSteve Gibson
Opto-Phono-Kinesia (OPK) is a body-based audio-visual performance piece. The title is a play on the possible synesthetic state involving connections between vision, sound and body motion. Theoretically, for a person who experiences this state, a specific colour could trigger both a sound (i.e. a particular note) and a body action (i.e. a flick of the hand). This synesthetic intersection is simulated in OPK by simultaneity of body movement, and audio-visual result.

Using the Gesture and Media System 3.0 (GAMS) motion tracking system, the performer can dynamically manipulate a complex immersive environment using two small infrared trackers. With the FlashTrack 3D mapping software, single note melodies, drum hits, samples, light effects and images can be programmed to be triggered anywhere in 3D space. Individual parameters (filters, reverb, delay, light colour, image brightness, etc.) can be altered in real-time using changing x, y or z coordinates or velocity. Conceptually OPK makes a case for physically-engaged interaction in response to much of present-day ‘lazy media,’ while at the same time the piece subtly references possible damaging uses of those technologies.