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Family Experiences of Neonatal Care: Co-design and piloting of resources to promote positive family experiences. [Presentation Slides]

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posted on 2023-09-18, 07:12 authored by Matthew LievesleyMatthew Lievesley, Claire Marcroft, Rachel Collum

 Lievesley, M.A., Marcroft, C., Collum, R., 2022. Family-experiences of neonatal care: co-design and piloting of resources to promote positive family experiences. 5th International Family Integrated Care Conference 2022, Imperial College, London, UK 

The Authors were invited to present this project to the 5th International Family Integrated Care Conference 2022 - after parts of the project were presented at the UK Neonatal Care-Coordinators Conference (March 2022)


The slidedeck describes the setup, methods and designed outcomes (intervention components) of a project which explores ways to support families with a pre-term baby through their time in an NHS neonatal unit and when they return home with their baby. The project has engaged both families and staff in exploring potential service improvements through co-design approaches. 

It responds to policy drivers from NHS England. 

This research is funded by the Tiny Lives Trust, as a three-way partnership with Newcastle Neonatal Service and Northumbria School of Design. Our co-author Rachel Collum is our public-contributor to the research - a parent-representative with lived-experience of the neonatal service.


Funded by the Tiny Lives Trust charity

In-kind funding from Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Newcastle Neonatal Service)

In-kind funding from Northumbria University (School of Design)

In-kind funding by parent-researcher and public-member of the research team Rachel Collum