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ORW: Participatory Research: Experiences and Learning in and with the 'Global South'

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posted on 2023-04-21, 11:48 authored by Northumbria Research DataNorthumbria Research Data

ORW: slides from Participatory Research in-person event

This in person event for academics, post-graduate students and technical and professional services, will bring colleagues together to discuss and increase capacity in relation to conducting participatory research.

We will draw from interdisciplinary research conducted at Northumbria University in relation to Global Development to unpack:

1. What is meant by participatory research across different disciplines and in different contexts?

2. What is the value of participatory research to our research, partners and participants?

3. Which of our previously held assumptions do we need to challenge when embarking on a participatory research project?

4. What are issues of equity, global justice and ethics that need to be considered when conducting participatory research?

5. What are the challenges of participatory research?

Attendees will be encouraged to explore these questions through participatory activities that promote knowledge exchange, learning/unlearning and creativity.

The event will be organised and facilitated by the Global Development Futures Interdisciplinary Research Theme (GDF IDRT) and is part of Northumbria University Open Research Week.


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