Northumbria University

Maria C. Monteleone

Research Fellow (Engineering; Environmental sciences; History, heritage and archaeology)

Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Miss Monteleone is a professional civil engineer who has since 2002 developed interest and research in historical water systems, including Roman and Ottoman water supply technologies. She provides the engineering interpretation of the remains of water structures, and through hydraulic analysis discusses the operation of single and inter-connected structures; in the last years she collaborated with Prof. Crapper and Dr. Motta of Northumbria University, to shape new methodologies for 'archaeo-water- engineering'; she is setting up collaborative projects with other scholars to further investigate, in a more quantitative way, water management in ancient Roman towns, and especially in Pompeii.


  • Hydraulic engineering analysis of Roman water infrastructure: a review of practice and possibilities
  • The supply of the public lacus of Pompeii, estimated from the discharge of their overflow channels
  • The hydraulic characteristics of Roman lead water pipes: An experimental investigation
  • Evolution of the relation between human society and urban water from ancient roman times to modern urbanization
  • A review of Ancient Roman water supply exploring techniques of pressure reduction
  • Fate of E. Coli Across Mechanical Dewatering Processes
  • The discharge of the pipelines supplying public fountains in Roman Pompeii
  • Considerazioni sulla quantità e qualità delle acque pervenenti alle fontane pubbliche di Ercolano e Pompei, del tipo ‘lacus semplice’

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