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Infrared spectra database - Depository of FTIR spectra of IDAP parchments

Posted on 2023-08-08 - 13:21 authored by Charis Theodorakopoulos


This site contains a database depository of the Attenuated Total Reflection / Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR/FTIR) spectra of new, accelerated aged and historical/archival parchments that were collected for the IDAP project in 2005. Damage assessment was based on spectral changes in collagen, in particular within the amide I carbonyl stretching region, which is sensitive to changes in the triple helical structure of collagen. The ATR/FTIR damage assessment has been published elsewhere [1, 2]. 

The findings of the ATR/FTIR of these parchments are in line with damage assessment by atomic force microscopy (AFM), which monitored the eventual loss in the D-spacing of the collagen fibrils, micro-thermal analysis (micro-TA) showing enhanced transitions with increased degradation, and dynamic mechanical analysis with controlled humidity (DMA/RH) which showed that the displacement of parchment under a small strain is reduced with increased RH as a function of increased state of denaturation of collagen [1]. 

The data are classified thematically and according to damage categories to facilitate navigation. 

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 Considering slight shifts in the frequencies, the spectral information is listed below:

  • 3283 cm-1 : Amide A: >95% ν(NH), and 1st overtone Amide II
  • 3073 cm-1: Amide B: ν(NH) and 1st overtone Amide II 
  • 2948 cm-1 : νas(CH3)
  • 2928 cm-1 : νas(CH2)
  • 2878 cm-1 : v(CH3
  • 2865 cm-1 : v(CH2
  • 1720 cm-1 :  ν(C=O) in –COOH 
  • 1631 cm-1 :  Amide I: 80% ν(C=O) and 20% [ν(CN), δ(NH)] 
  • 1580 cm-1 : νas(C=O) in –COO- (Asp and Glu) 
  • 1536 cm-1 :  Amide II: 40-60% δ(NH), and ν(CN)
  • 1451 cm-1 (may be hidden by CaCO3): δ(CH2) and δ(CH3)  
  • 1447 cm-1 : νas(CO32-) in CaCO3 
  • 1401 cm-1 (may be hidden by CaCO3): ν(C=O) in –COO- 
  • 1338 cm-1 :  Side chain vibration of collagen
  • 1286 cm-1 : Amide III with δ(CH2) from glycine backbone and proline sidechain 
  • 1236 cm-1 : Amide III: 30% ν(CN), 30% δ(NH), ~20% ν(C-C), ~10% δ(CH) 
  • 1202 cm-1 : Amide III with δ(CH2) from glycine backbone and proline sidechain
  • 1163 cm-1 : ν(C-O) of carbohydrates
  • 1084 cm-1, 1031 cm-1 : ν(C-O) of carbohydrates and proteoglycans 
  • 1062 cm-1 : ν(C-O) of carbohydrates and ν(SO3-) of sulphated glycosaminoglycans
  • 874   cm-1 :  ν(CO32-) in CaCO3 


1. M. Odlyha, C. Theodorakopoulos, J. de Groot, L. Bozec, M. Horton, IDAP - European Commission, Brussels, pp. 73-87. ISBN 978-9279053788 - download

2. M. Odlyha, C. Theodorakopoulos, J. de Groot, L. Bozec, M. Horton, e-Preservation Science 2009, 6, 138-144 - download


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Improved damage assessments of parchments

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