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Posted on 2022-06-08 - 13:19 authored by Susan Ashley

The Fed was established in 2003, representing the “sexuality strand” of the protected equality characteristics in the North East. This regional infrastructure organisation had no paid workers or directors.

The first meeting of the sexuality strand was the LBi Group as they were an already established group and registered company with an active Lesbian Line. At a Regional Conference it was decided to amalgamate with LBi as one company and change the name to The LGBT Federation North East with LBi Coalition as a separate part with their own management etc. The aims of The Fed were to bring together Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people to have a strong voice in the Region, to raise the profile and visibility of LGBT people in the Region and to facilitate their participation in Region-Wide events and activities.

Achievements over the years included resolving LGBT housing issues, representation on the Police and Crime Commissioners LGBT Panel, advocating for victims of hate crime, and aiding LGBT asylum seekers. Pride Celebrations in the Region, an Annual Ball and diverse training and arts projects were ongoing activities.

The main impact of The Fed was to bring LGBT people together through shared interests, activities for support, and making us visible in a positive and constructive way to the general public, and to service delivery organisations. Representation on various forums helped get the voice of LGBT people heard.



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